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Magic Bibliography
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House of Deception Library: Magic History (Bibliography Section)
Author Title Publication Year Publisher
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This page is here to help you build a magic history library of your own and to assist with research.

Below is an extensive bibliography in book list format (also available in MLA and APA formats by request).

The titles, all from our library, range from Ph.D. dissertations to brief monographs to standard references, with varying historical significance.

See our Recommended Reading page for a more selective guide to the most essential works on the history of stage conjuring.

Please bookmark & link to HouseofDeception.com - New titles are added frequently.

Please bookmark & link to HouseofDeception.com - New titles are added frequently.
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House of Deception Library: Magic History Bibilography
Author Title Publication Year Publisher
Abbott, David P. The Marvelous Creations of Joseffy 1908 Open Court, Chicago
Abbott, Percy A Lifetime in Magic 1960 Abbott Magic, Colon, MI
Adrion, Alexander Antwerp at a Late Hour 2001 Sun Dog, Northville, MI
Albo, Robert J. M.D. Thoughts and Reminiscences on the History and Mystery of Magic 2004 author, Piedmont, CA
Alexander (Claude Alexander Conlin) Alexander's Book of Mystery 1919 author, Los Angeles
anonymous Secrets of Ancient and Modern Magic no date Wehman, New York
anonymous [William Chapman] Confessions of a Medium 1882 Griffith & Farran, New York
Baldwin, Samri S. The Secrets of Mahatma Land Explained 1895 author, New York
Bamberg, David (Fu Manchu) Illusion Show: A Life in Magic 1991 Meyer, Glenwood, IL
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Beaufort, Douglas Nothing Up My Sleeve 1938 Stanley Paul, London
Bell, Don The Man Who Killed Houdini 2004 Vehicule, Montreal
Bertram, Charles A Magician in Many Lands 1911 Routledge, London
Bertram, Charles Isn't It Wonderful ? 1896 Swan Sonnenshein, London
Black Herman Black Herman 1925 Zolar, New York
Blackstone, Harry Jr. Blackstone Book of Magic and Illusion 1985 Newmarket, New York
Blaine, David Mysterious Stranger 2002 Villard, New York
Blitz, Signor Fifty Years in the Magic Circle 1871 A. L. Bancroft, San Francisco
Blitz, Signor Fifty Years in the Magic Circle 1871 Belknap & Bliss, Hartford, CT
Blitz, Signor The Parlor Book of Magic 1889 Hurst, New York
Bodie, Dr. Walford (Samuel Murphy Bodie) Stage Stories 1910 Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent; London
Boles, Don Midway Magic 1963 Pinchpenny, Atlanta
Bone, Howard Side Show: My Life With Geeks, Freaks & Vagabonds in the Carny Trade 2001 Sun Dog, Northville, MI
Booth, Martin The Doctor and the Detective: A Biography of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 2000 St. Martin's Minotaur, New York
Boston, George; Parrish, Robert Inside Magic 1947 Beechhurst, New York
Brandon, Arthur Milo and Roger 1999 Hermetic Press, Seattle
Brandon, Ruth The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini 1995 Kodansha, New York
Branson, Major L. H. A Lifetime of Deception 1953 Robert Hale, London
Branson, Major L. H. Indian Conjuring 1922 Routledge, London
Branson, Major L. H. Magic of India 1973 Pinchpenny, Atlanta
Brewster, Sir David Letters on Natural Magic 1832 Harper, New York
Brewster, Sir David Letters on Natural Magic 1832 John Murray, London
Britland, David Phantoms of the Card Table: Confessions of a Card Sharp 2004 Four Walls Eight Windows. New York
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Burleigh, Bennet The Mahdi, or For the Victorian Cross 1907 Walter Hill, London
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Burrows, J. F. Programmes of Magicians nd Davenport, London
Butterworth, Philip Magic on the Early English Stage 2005 Cambridge University Press
Carlton (Arthur Phelps) Twenty Years of Spoof and Bluff 1920 Jenkins, London
Carrington, Hereward Handcuff Tricks 1913 Sphinx, Kansas City
Carrington, Hereward Hindu Magic 1913 Sphinx, Kansas City
Carrington, Hereward Side-Show and Animal Tricks 1913 Sphinx, Kansas City
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Carrington, Hereward Side-Show Tricks Explained (Little Blue Book 1279) no date Haldeman-Julius, Girard, KS
Carter, C. (Charles Joseph) Magic and Magicians 1903 J. S. Ogilvie, New York
Caveney, Mike Carter the Great: Being a Detailed Account of Charles Joseph Carter and His Extraordinary Life.... 1995 Magic Words, Pasadena CA
Caveney, Mike The Great Leon: Vaudeville Headliner 1987 Magical Publications, Pasadena CA
Caveney, Mike; Miesel. Bill Kellar's Wonders 2003 Magic Words, Pasadena CA
Caveney, Mike; Rauscher, William Servais LeRoy, Monarch of Mystery 1999 Magic Words, Pasadena CA
Charvet, David; Pomeroy, John Alexander, The Man Who Knows 2004 Magic Words, Pasadena CA
Christopher, Milbourne Houdini: A Pictorial Biography 1998 Gramercy, New York
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Clark, Hyla M. Worlds Greatest Magic 1979 Bonanza, New York
Clarke, Sidney W. The Annals of Conjuring 2001 Miracle Factory, Seattle
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Davies, Rev. Charles Maurice Mystic London c.1875 Lovell, Adam, Wesson, New York
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Dawes, Edwin A.; Setterington, Arthur Making Magic 1992 Prion, London
De Vere, M. Schele Modern Magic 1873 G.P. Putnam, New York
Decremps, Henri Codicille de Jerome Sharp 1793 Paris
Defoe, Daniel A System of Magick c.1728 Andrew Miller, London
Devant, David My Magic Life 1931 Hutchinson, London
Dexter, Will The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo 1955 Arco, London
Dexter, Will This is Magic 1958 Citadel, New York
Dif, Max Historie et Evolution Technique de la Prestidigitation, Vol 1 1972 Max Dif, Paris
Dif, Max Historie et Evolution Technique de la Prestidigitation, Vol 2 1972 Max Dif, Paris
Dif, Max Historie et Evolution Technique de la Prestidigitation, Vol 3 1972 Max Dif, Paris
Disher, Maurice Willson Greatest Show on Earth 1937 G. Bell, London
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Downs, T. Nelson Tricks with Coins 1902 Frederick J. Drake, Chicago
Drakloff Tricks for the Trenches, Series 1 nd Jarrold, London
Drakloff Tricks for the Trenches, Series 2 1915 Jarrold, London
Drimmer, Frederick Very Special People: The Struggles, Loves and Triumphs of Human Oddities 1973 Amjon, New York
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Ganson, Lewis The Dai Vernon Book of Magic 1956 Harry Stanley, London
Garrett (Fydell, Edmund) Isis Very Much Unveiled nd Westminster Gazette, London
Gaughan, John Antonio Diavalo 1986 author
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Gaultier, Camille Magic Without Apparatus 1945 Fleming Book Co., New York
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Gibson, Walter B.; Young, Morris N. M.D. Houdini's Fabulous Magic 1961 Chilton, Phiadelphia
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Sorcar The Great Sorcar, World's Greatest Magician author
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