Buffalo Bill's Handwriting and Signature
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Here is an outstanding article that contains information on Buffalo Bill Cody's handwriting and signature. Author Stuart Lutz is a noted expert and dealer in historic documents.

The article originally appeared as "Buffalo Bill Cody: An Autograph True to Friend and Foe," in
Autograph Collector, December, 1999.

Mr. Lutz graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1992 with a degree in American History and has been widely published in history periodicals.

He is the author of
The Last Leaf: Final Witnesses to History (Cardoza, 2005), which includes a reminiscence of Houdini's last employee.
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This article is reprinted here at The House of Deception with the author's kind permission.
He may be contacted at:

Stuart Lutz Historic Documents, Inc.
784 Morris Turnpike, PMB #161
Short Hills, New Jersey 07078-2698
Toll Free Phone 1 (877) I-BUY-DOCS [428-9362]
Toll Free Fax 1 (877) 9-FAX-DOCS [932-9362]

Buffalo Bill's Handwriting and Signature
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