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Welcome to the Carnivals and Sideshows in Fine Art page.

Here you will find paintings and other works of art that depict carnival and sideshow performers, as well as related scenes.

Please email us to recommend additions to this collection.
Carnivals & Sideshows in Fine Art
The Village Carnival
Robert Gemmell Hutchison
American Academic Classical Artist
Circus Time
Frank Hector Tompkins
American Impressionist Painter
The Carnival
Carl Welz
German artist
The Travelling Circus
Charles Edouard Elmerich
French Painter
A Day at the Carnival
Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer
Dutch Artist
Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov
Russian Painter
A Carnival on the Feastday of Saint George in a Village Near Antwerp
Abel Grimmer
Flemish Baroque Era Painter
Ferdinand du Puigaudeau
French Impressionist Painter

Carnival at Night in Croisic (above)

The Magic Lantern (aka The Panorama of the Czar in Paris) (left)

Carnival at Night (below)
Carnival: The Carousel
Georges Lemmen
Belgian Art Nouveau/Pointillist Painter
Circus Sideshow
Georges Seurat
French Pointillist Painter
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