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House of Deception Library: Carnival & Sideshow Fiction
Author Title Publication Year Publisher
Baker, Kevin Dreamland 1999 HarperCollins, New York
Bass, Eduard Umberto's Circus 1951 Farrar, Straus, & Young, New York
Bradley, Marion Zimmer The Catch Trap 1979 Ballantine, New York
Brown, Carrie The Hatbox Baby 2002 Berkley, New York
Carnahan, Matthew Serpent Girl: A Novel 2005 Villard, New York
Chalfoun, Michelle Roustabout 1996 HarperCollins, New York
Chalmers, Robert Fortune's Bastard 2004 Grove/Atlantic, New York
Coldsmith, Don The Long Journey Home 2001 Doherty, New York
Cook, Joel With It--For It--and Up Against It 2006 Xulon Press, Longwood, FL
Croft, Barbara Moon's Crossing 2003 Mariner, Boston
Croy, Homer Coney Island 1929 Harper, New York
Day, Cathy The Circus in Winter 2005 Harvest, Orlando
Ducovny, Amram Coney 2000 Overlook Press, Woodstock, NY
Dunn, Katherine Geek Love 2002 Vintage, New York
Glass, Bryan J. L. Freaks of Nature #1 1992 Comic Zone, Berlin, NJ
Gresham, William Lindsay Nightmare Alley
Gruen, Sara Water for Elephants: A Novel 2006 Algonquin, Chapel Hill, NC
Helfer, Ralph Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant that Ever Lived 1998 Harper Perennial, New York
Helfer, Ralph Mosey: The Remarkable Friendship of a Boy and His Elephant 2002 Orchard, New York
Hill, Charlie First of May 1978 Carnival Publishers of Sarasota, FL
Hough, Robert The Final Confession of Mabel Stark 2003 Atlantic Monthly, New York
Hyman, Timothy; Malbert, Roger Carnivalesque (National Touring Exhibition) 2000 Hayward Gallery, London
Knaebel, Nathaniel (ed) Step Right Up: Stories of Carnivals, Sideshows, and the Circus 2004 Carroll & Graf, New York
Mantel, Hilary The Giant, O'Brien 1998 Henry Holt, New York
Maron, Margaret Slow Dollar 2002 Mysterious Press, New York
Martin, A. E. Common People: Murder in Sideshow Alley 2005 Wakefield Crime Classics, Kent Town, AU
Meah, Johnny Polidore 2003 1stBooks, Bloomington, IN
Millett, Larry Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders 1998 Viking, New York
Paulsen, Gary Tiltawhirl John 1990 Puffin, New York
Pomerance, Bernard The Elephant Man 1994 Grove/Atlantic, New York
Reynolds Price A Perfect Friend 2002 Scribner, New York
Schechter, Harold The Hum Bug 2001 Pocket, New York
Schmitt, Richard The Aerialist 2002 Harvest, San Diego
Siegel, Lee Love and Other Games of Chance: A Novelty 2003 Viking, New York
Slouka, Mark God's Fool 2003 Vintage, New York
Smith, Mary-Ann Tirone Masters of Illusion 1994 Warner, New York
Strauss, Darin Chang and Eng 2000 E P Dutton, New York
Toscana, David Our Lady of the Circus 2001 St. Martin's, New York
Trevanian "Snatch Off Your Cap. Kid!" in Hot Night in the City 2000 St. Martin's, New York
Twain, Mark "Those Extraordinary Twins" in Puddnhead Wilson and Other Tales 1998 Oxford University Press
Welty, Eudora "Petrified Man" in A Curtain Of Green and Other Stories 1991 Harcourt Brace, New York
Woodring, Jim; Lopez, F. Solano Freaks: An Adaptation of the Tod Browning Film, Chapters 1-4 1992 Monster Comics
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House of Deception Library: Carnival & Sideshow A-Z
Author Title Publisher Publication Year
Freaks of Nature Red Lion, Canoga Park, CA 1978
Adams, Bluford E Pluribus Barnum: The Great Showman And The Making Of U.S. Popular Culture Univ Of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis 1997
Adams, Judith A. The American Amusement Park Industry: A History of Technology and Thrills Twayne, Boston 1991
Adams, Rachel Sideshow U.S.A: Freaks and the American Cultural Imagination University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL 2001
Adrian, Werner Freaks: Cinema of the Bizarre Warner, New York 1976
Alden, William Livingstone Among the Freaks Longmans Green, London 1896
Altick, Richard D. The Shows of London: A Panoramic History of Exhibition, 1600-1862 Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA 1978
American Heritage "The Fat Man and His Friends" in American Heritage, June, 1966 American Heritage, New York 1966
Andronik, Catherine M. Prince of Humbugs: A Life of P. T. Barnum Atheneum, New York 1994
Audibert, Chris Biography of Frank William Gaskill [original manuscript] [unpublished] Audibert Amusement. New York 1989
Baldwin, Samri S. The Secrets of Mahatma Land Explained author, New York 1895
Ballantine, Bill Wild Tigers and Tame Fleas Rinehart, New York 1958
Barnum Museum Shocked and Amazed: The World of the Sideshow Barnum Museum, Bridgeport, CT 1999
Barnum, P. T. Life of P.T. Barnum Redfield, New York 1855
Barnum, P. T. The Life of P. T. Barnum: Written by Himself University of Illinois Press, Champaign 2000
Barnum, P. T. Humbugs of the World Kessinger, Whitefish, MT 2003
Barnum, P. T.; Bode, Carl (ed.) Struggles and Triumphs: Or, Forty Years' Recollections of P.T. Barnum Penguin, New York 1981
Barnum, P.T. (edited/illustrated)) P.T. Barnum's Big Picture Book Of The Humbugs Of The World, Vol 1 Whiz Bang, Key West, FL 2014
Barth, Myles; Siegel, Alan Step Right This Way: The Photographs of Edward J. Kelty Barnes & Noble, New York 2002
Berman, John S. Portraits of America: Coney Island Barnes & Noble, New York 2003
Blaine, David Mysterious Stranger Villard, New York 2002
Boese, Alex The Museum of Hoaxes: A Collection of Pranks, Stunts, Deceptions, and Other Wonderful Stories Contrived for the Public from the Middle Ages to the New Millennium E P Dutton, New York 2002
Bogdan, Robert Freak Show: Presenting Human Oddities for Amusement and Profit University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL 1990
Boles, Don The Midway Showman Pinchpenny, Atlanta 1967
Boles, Don The Compleat Pitchman Pinchpenny, Atlanta 1972
Boles, Don Midway Magic Pinchpenny, Atlanta 1963
Bondeson, Jan The Feejee Mermaid and Other Essays in Natural and Unnatural History Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY 1999
Bondeson, Jan The Two-Headed Boy, and Other Medical Marvels Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY 2000
Bondeson, Jan A Cabinet of Medical Curiosities W.W. Norton, New York 1999
Bone, Howard Side Show: My Life With Geeks, Freaks & Vagabonds in the Carny Trade Sun Dog, Northville, MI 2001
Bone, Howard Hurry, Hurry, Hurry Dragon Fire and Magic
Bonomo, Joe The Strongman: The Daredevil Exploits of the Mightiest Man in the Movies Bonomo Studios, New York 1968
Bradford, Verner Phillips; Blume, Harvey Ota Benga: The Pygmy in the Zoo St. Martin's, New York 1992
Braithwaite, David Fairground Architecture: The World of Amusement Parks, Carnivals and Fairs Praeger, New York 1968
Brill, Aaron K. A. Brill's Bible of Building Plans and Collection of Much Information Useful to Showman, Carnie, Fairman, and Amusement Park Operator A. B. Enterprises, Peoria, IL 1976
Broome, Richard; Jackomos, Alick Sideshow Alley Allen & Unwin, St. Leonards, Australia 1998
Brouws, Jeff; Caron, Bruce Inside the Live Reptile Tent: The Twilight World of the Carnival Midway Chronicle, San Francisco 2001
Bryan, J. The World's Greatest Showman: The Life of P.T. Barnum Random House, New York 1956
Buckland, Frances T. Curiosities of Natural History Beekman, New York 1975
Buckland, Frances T. Buckland's Curiosities of Natural History: A Selection Patchworth, London 1948
Burns, Stanley A Morning's Work: Medical Photographs from the Burns Archive & Collection, 1843-1939 Twin Palms, Sante Fe NM 1998
Carlyon, David Dan Rice: The Most Famous Man You've Never Heard Of PublicAffairs, New York 2001
Carmichael, Bill Incredible Collectors, Weird Antiques and Odd Hobbies Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 1971
Carrington, Hereward Sideshow Tricks Explained Pinchpenny, Atlanta 1973
Carrington, Hereward Side-Show and Animal Tricks Sphinx, Kansas City 1913
Carrington, Hereward Hindu Magic Sphinx, Kansas City 1913
Carrington, Hereward Side-Show Tricks Explained (Little Blue Book 1279) Haldeman-Julius, Girard, KS no date
Cavin, Lee There Were Giants on the Earth! Seville Chronicle, Seville, OH 1970
Chemung County Historical Society The County Fair Carnival: Where the Midway Meets the Grange Chemung County Historical Society, Elmira, NY 1992
Chubbuck, Ted The Sound Of The Jenny Vantage, New York 1972
Clair, Colin Human Curiosities Abelard-Schuman, London 1968
Cody, William Frederick The Life of Buffalo Bill: Or, the Life and Adventures of William F. Cody, As Told by Himself Narrative, Santa Barbara, CA 2001
Cody, William Frederick The Life of Hon. William F. Cody Known as Buffalo Bill: An Autobiography University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln 1978
Collings, Ellsworth The 101 Ranch University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, OK 1986
Connor, J. Hal Stunts and Features for Carnivals Eldridge, Franklin, OH 1927
Cook, James W. The Arts of Deception: Playing With Fraud in the Age of Barnum Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA 2001
Cook, James W. (ed.) The Colossal P. T. Barnum Reader: Nothing Else Like It In The Universe University of Illinois Press, Champaign 2005
Cox, Stephen Munchkins of Oz Cumberland House, Cumberland, TN 2002
Dadswell, Jack Hey There Sucker! Bruce Humphries, Boston 1946
Dahlinger, Fred Circus World Museum Presents Show Trains of the 20th Century Iconografix, Hudson, WI 2000
Dance, Peter S. Animal Fakes & Frauds Sampson Low, London 1976
Darrah, William C. Cartes de Visite in Nineteenth Century Photography W.C. Darrah, Gettysburg, PA 1981
Davis, Janet M. The Circus Age: Culture and Society Under the American Big Top University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, NC 2002
Dennett, Andrea Stulman Weird & Wonderful: The Dime Museum in America New York University Press 1997
Denson, Charles Coney Island: Lost and Found Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA 2002
Dreger, Alice Domurat One of Us: Conjoined Twins and the Future of Normal Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA 2004
Dreger, Alice Domurat Hermaphrodites and the Medical Invention of Sex Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA 2000
Drimmer, Frederick Very Special People: The Struggles, Loves and Triumphs of Human Oddities Amjon, New York 1973
Drimmer, Frederick Born Different: Amazing Stories of Very Special People Bantam Skylark, New York 1991
Dufour, Lou; Kirby, Irwin Fabulous Years: A Showman's Tales of Carnivals, World's Fairs, and Broadway Vantage, New York 1977
Charles River Editors American Legends: The Life Of P.T. Barnum 2014
Eichinger, Fr. Franz "Are Nude Tibetan Lamas the Monstrous Abdominable Snowmen" in Fate, May 1959 Clark, Evanston, IL 1959
Enss, Chris Buffalo Gals: Women of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Falcon, San Ramon, CA 2005
Farnum, Allen L. Pawnee Bill's Historic Wild West: A Photo Documentary of the 1900-1905 Show Tours Schiffer, Atglen, PA 1992
Fellner, Chris Freaks! No.1 author 1995
Fenton, Peter Eyeing the Flash Simon & Schuster, New York 2005
Fiedler, Leslie A Freaks: Myths and Images of the Secret Self Simon & Schuster, New York 1979
Fish, Charles Blue Ribbons and Burlesque: A Book of Country Fairs Countryman, Woodstock, VT 1998
Fitzsimons, Raymund Barnum in London Bles, London 1969
Fleming, Candace The Great And Only Barnum: The Tremendous, Stupendous Life Of Showman P. T. Barnum Schwartz & Wade, New York 2009
Fox, Charles Philip; Parkinson, Tom The Circus in America Hennessey & Ingalls, Santa Monica, CA 2002
Fox, Theron How to Make Money With Carnival Games Pinchpenny, Atlanta 1980
Fraley, Tobin The Great American Carousel: A Century of Master Craftsmanship Chronicle, San Francisco 1994
Fraley, Tobin; Sinick, Gary The Carousel Animal Chronicle, San Francisco 1987
Frega, Donnalee Women of Illusion: A Circus Family's History Palgrave/St. Martin's, New York 2001
Fried, Frederick; Fried, Mary America's Forgotten Folk Arts Pantheon, New York 1978
Friedman, David A Youth in Babylon: Confessions of a Trash-Film King Prometheus, Buffalo, NY 1990
Friedman, Drew Drew Friedman's Sideshow Freaks Blast Books, New York 2011
Friedman, John Block The Monstrous Races in Medieval Art and Thought Syracuse University Press, Syracuse, NY 2000
Frost, Linda Conjoined Twins In Black And White: The Lives of Millie-Christine McKoy and Daisy and Violet Hilton University of Wisconsin, Madison 2009
Gallop, Alan Buffalo Bill's British Wild West Sutton, Gloucestershire, UK 2001
Gangi, Tony Carny Sideshows: Wierd Wonders of the Midway Citadel, New York 2010
Gelernter, David 1939: Lost World of the Fair Avon, New York 1996
Geyer, Celesta; Roen, Samuel Diet or Die: The Dolly Dimples Weight Reducing Plan Frederick Fell, New York 1968
Gibson, Gregory Hubert's Freaks: The Rare-Book Dealer, the Times Square Talker, and the Lost Photos Of Diane Arbus Mariner, Boston 2008
Gibson, Walter B. Carnival Gaffs Gambler's Book Club, Las Vegas 1976
Gibson, Walter B. The Bunco Book Sidney Radner, Holyoke, MA 1946
Gilden, Bruce Coney Island Trebruk/Magnum Photos, New York 2002
Gonzalez-Crussi, Frank, M.D. Notes of an Anatomist Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, San Diego, CA 1985
Goodrich, Samuel G. Curiosities of Human Nature: By the Author of Peter Parley's Tales Bradbury and Soden, Boston 1843
Gorham, Maurice Showmen and Suckers: An Excursion on the Crazy Fringe of the Entertainment World Percival Marshall, London 1951
Gould, George M.; Pyle, Walter L. Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine Bell, New York 1956
Gowler, Danny Carnival Games - How They Work and How to Win author 1997
Graham, Peter W.; Oehlschlaeger, Fritz H. Articulating the Elephant Man: Joseph Merrick and His Interpreters Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, MD 1992
Grant, John Monster Mysteries Chartwell, Secaucus, NJ 1993
Greater Tampa Showmen's Association Ladies' Auxiliary 1976 Directory G.T.S.A., Tampa, FL 1976
Gregor, Jan T. Circus of the Scars Brennan Dalsgard, Seattle, WA 1998
Gresham, William Lindsay Monster Midway: An Uninhibited Look at the Glittering World of the Carny Rinehart, New York 1953
Groh, Lynn P. T. Barnum Dell, New York 1980
Gryczan, Matthew L. Carnival Secrets Zenith, Royal Oak MI 1988
Gurney, Gene America in Wax Crown, New York 1977
Gustafson, Donna Images from the World Between: The Circus in Twentieth-Century American Art Massachusetts Institute of Technology Press, Cambridge, MA 2001
Hahn, Emily Eve & the Apes Random House, New York 1988
Hall, Ward My Very Unusual Friends author, Gibsonton, FL 1991
Hall, Ward Struggles and Triumphs of a Modern Day Showman Carnival Publishers of Sarasota, FL 1981
Hammer, Carl; Bosker, Gideon Freak Show: Sideshow Banner Art Chronicle, San Francisco 1996
Harmetz, Aljean The Making of the Wizard of Oz Hyperion, New York 1998
Harris, Neil Humbug: The Art of P. T. Barnum University of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL 1981
Harris, Neil Humbug: The Art of P. T. Barnum. Little Brown, Boston 1973
Hartzman, Marc American Sideshow: An Encyclopedia of History's Most Wondrous and Curiously Strange Performers Tarcher/Penguin, New York 2005
Havighurst, Walter Buffalo Bill's Great Wild West Show Random Library, New York 2000
Helfer, Ralph Modoc: The True Story of the Greatest Elephant that Ever Lived Harper Perennial, New York 1998
Hill, J. Dee; Hollenbeck, Phil Freaks and Fire: The Underground Reinvention of Circus Soft Skull, Brooklyn 2004
Hoh, LaVahn G.; Rough, William H. Step Right Up! The Adventure of Circus in America Betterway, Whitehall, VA 1990
Holland, Charlie Strange Feats and Clever Turns Holland & Palmer, London 1998
Holtman, Jerry; Harry Lewiston Freak Show Man: The Autobiography of Harry Lewiston Holloway House, Los Angeles, CA 1968
Hornberger, Francine Carny Folk Citadel, New York 2005
Horsman, Paul The Fabulous World Of The Carnival Midway, Nashua, NH 2000
Howard, Martin Victorian Grotesque Jupiter, London 1977
Howell, Michael; Ford, Peter The True History of the Elephant Man Allison & Busby, London 2001
Hoyt, Harlowe R. Town Hall Tonight [Chapter 5, "Fifty Cents a Bottle--For Man or Beast"] Bramhall House, New York 1955
Humphries, Barry Bizarre Bell, New York 1965
Hunter, Jack Inside Teradome: An Illustrated History of Freak Film Creation, London 1998
Hunter, Jack Freak Babylon: An Illustrated History of Teratology & Freakshows Glitterbooks, London 2005
Hunter, Kay Duet For a Lifetime: The Story of the Original Siamese Twins Coward-McCann, New York 1964
Hunter, Virginia Lee; Fenton, Peter Carny: Americana on the Midway Umbrage Editions, New York 2007
Hyman, Timothy; Malbert, Roger Carnivalesque (National Touring Exhibition) Hayward Gallery, London 2000
Immerso, Michael Coney Island: The People's Playground Rutgers University Press, Piscataway, NJ 2002
Impey, Oliver; MacGregor, Arthur The Origins of Museums: The Cabinet of Curiosities in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Europe House of Stratus, N. Yorkshire, UK 2001
Jay, Ricky Learned Pigs & Fireproof Women Villard, New York 1986
Jay, Ricky Jay's Journal of Anomalies Quantuck Lane, New York 2001
Jay, Ricky Extraordinary Exhibitions Quantuck Lane, New York 2005
Jensen, Dean The Biggest, The Smallest, The Longest, The Shortest: A Chonicle of the American Circus From Its Heartland Wisconsin House, Madison, WI 1975
Jensen, Dean The Lives And Loves Of Daisy And Violet Hilton: A True Story Of Conjoined Twins Ten Speed Press, Berkeley, CA 2006
Johnson, Fred G. Fred G. Johnson: Sideshow Banners State of Illinois Art Gallery, Chicago 1989
Johnson, Karl The Magician and the Cardsharp: The Search for America's Greatest Sleight-of-Hand Artist Henry Holt, New York 2005
Johnson, Randy; Meah, Johnny; Secreto, Jim; Varndell, Teddy Freaks, Geeks and Strange Girls: Sideshow Banners of the Great American Midway Hardy Marks, Honolulu 2000
Kahn, Kenneth The Carny Kid: Survival of a Young Thief Pendant 2005
Kappler, Claude Monstres, démons, et merveilles à la fin du Moyen Age Payot 1980
Kasson, John F. Amusing the Million: Coney Island at the Turn of the Century Hill and Wang, New York 1978
Kasson, Joy S. Buffalo Bill's Wild West: Celebrity, Memory, and Popular History Hill and Wang, New York 2001
Katz, Jimmy; Katz, Dena World Of Wonders powerHouse, Brooklyn, NY 2009
King, W. A. Jr. Rattling Yours...Snake King Springman-King, Brownsville, TX 1964
Knaebel, Nathaniel (ed) Step Right Up: Stories of Carnivals, Sideshows, and the Circus Carroll & Graf, New York 2004
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Lambert, William (Will Delavoye) Show Life in America author, East Point, GA 1925
Larson, Erik The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America Crown, New York 2003
Laster, Lloyd B Wagon Tracks & Peanut Sacks: An American Odyssey Stewart, Big Sandy, TX 1984
Lee, Polly Jae Giant: The Pictorial History of the Human Colossus A. S. Barnes, South Brunswick 1970
Lehman, Eric D. Becoming Tom Thumb: Charles Stratton, P. T. Barnum, and the Dawn of American Celebrity Wesleyan University Press, Middletown, CT 2013
Leroi, Armand Marie Mutants: On Genetic Variety and the Human Body Viking, New York 2003
Levenson, Randal; Gray, Spalding In Search of the Monkey Girl Aperture, New York 1982
Lewis, Arthur H. Carnival Trident, New York 1970
Lifson, Robert; Mastro, William Enter the Sideshow authors 1983
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MacKay, Charles Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds L. C. Page, Boston 1960
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Mannix, Daniel P. Freaks: We Who Are Not As Others Re/Search, San Francisco, CA 2000
Mark, Mary Ellen Indian Circus Chronicle, San Francisco 1993
Martell, Joanne Millie-Christine: Fearfully And Wonderfully Made John F Blair, Winston-Salem, NC 2000
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McCullough, Edo Good Old Coney Island: A Sentimental Journey into the Past Scribner, New York 1957
McCullough, Edo World's Fair Midways: An Affectionate Account of American Amusement Areas from the Crystal Palace to the Crystal Ball Exposition, New York 1966
McKennon, Joe Circus Lingo Carnival Publishers of Sarasota, FL 1980
McKennon, Joe Logistics of the American Circus Carnival Publishers of Sarasota, FL 1977
McKennon, Joe Pictorial History of the American Carnival, Vol. III Carnival Publishers of Sarasota, FL 1981
McKennon, Joe; McKennon Pictorial History Of The American Carnival, Vol. I And Ii Carnival Publishers of Sarasota, FL 1977
McMurtry, Larry The Colonel and Little Missie: Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, and the Beginnings of Superstardom in America Simon & Schuster, New York 2005
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Register, Woody The Kid of Coney Island: Fred Thompson and the Rise of American Amusements Oxford University Press, USA 2001
Rhodes, Bill Circus and Carnival Trucks: 1923-2000 Photo Archive Iconografix, Hudson, WI 2001
Richardson, Brian The Secrets of Amusement Park Games... Revealed! Silver Star, Houston
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus Route Book, Season of 1965 Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus 1965
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus Route Book, Season of 1954 Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus 1954
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus Route Book, Season of 1953 Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus 1953
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus Route Book, Season of 1951 Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus 1951
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus Route Book, Season of 1948 Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus 1948
Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus Route Book, Season of 1955 Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus 1955
Ripley, Robert; Noskowski, Thomas Ripley's Believe it or Not!: Human Oddities Warner, New York 1977
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