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The Golden Age of Magic


c.1875: Alexander Herrmann's preeminence in America

*1948: Television begins to proliferate

The Golden Age of Carnival Sideshows


**1893: World's Columbian Exposition "Midway", Chicago

c.1970: Advent of disability rights & political correctness

The Golden Age of Pro Wrestling


1911: 2nd Hackenschmidt vs Gotch, Comiskey Park

1979: Vince McMahon Sr. renames his company WWF, three years later sells to McMahon Jr.

The Golden Age of Roller Derby


1935: Leo Seltzer promotes Transcontinental Roller Derby.

1973: son Jerry Seltzer folds up the business after some years of great success.

*For a comprehensive overview of television history, see Television History - The First 75 Years.

**The Wikipedia article is a useful primer on the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893.
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