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Magic in Fine Art
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Welcome to the Magic in Fine Art page.

Here you will find paintings and other works of art that depict stage, parlor and street conjurers as well as other magicians.

Please email us to recommend additions to our digital collection.
Magicians in Fine Art
The Card Trick
Gerard Portielje
Belgian Academic Classical Painter
Card Game
François-Joseph Bosio
French Sculptor
The Conjurer
Hieronymus Bosch
Netherlands Northern Renaissance Artist
Museum, Saint-Germain-en-Laye
A Street Magician Near the Place De La Bastille Paris
French Parlour Trick of Removing a Coin from Under Someone's Nose Without Touching It
Magicians at the Carnival in Berlin 1836
Lane, the Conjurer, Who Appeared at Bartholomew Fair in the Late 18th Century
Old Harry with His Raree Show: a Conjuror and His Table of Tricks
Robert Graves
Line Engraver
Two Venetian Magicians Sawing a Woman in Half
Jan van Grevenbroeck
Italian Painter
Maskelyne and Cook's Thought- Reading Automaton Psycho
Mr. Maskelyne
The Magician of Hivaoa 1902
Paul Gauguin
French Post-Impressionist Painter (1848-1903)
Musee d'Art moderne et d'Art contemporain, Liege, Belgium
L'Apparition 1902
Paul Gauguin
French Post-Impressionist Painter (1848-1903)
Good Fellowship
aka Sleight of Hand
William Verplanck Birney
Academic Realism Painter
The Magician (Self-Portrait with Four Arms) 1952
Rene Magritte
Belgian Surrealist Painter (1898-1967)
The Traveling Magician
John Rogers
American Sculptor
Collection of The New York Historical Society
The Magician
Alexandre Evariste Fragonard
French Painter, Sculptor & Printmaker
The Magician
Patrick Milbourn
American portrait and landscape painter
White Top Hat (Magician Still Life), 1933
Frantisek Tichy
Czech modern artist
National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic
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