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When The House of Deception originally published the photo above, we were unable to identify the artist and his subject. On August 27, 2013, we received an email from the artist's son, Mike Zim of Columbus Ohio:

"Your bottom photo of the wrestler on the left making a bust of a seated man is my father, Wild Bill Zim. That photo is in an article in the August 8, 1948 Columbus Ohio Dispatch. The model was a family friend, Bill Watts."

With a subsequent email, Mr. Zim kindly attached scans of the 1948 Dispatch article as well as an image of one of his father's artworks (below). Mr. Zim explained, "He did the watercolor when he "went native" in Nicaraugua in the 30's. Had 3 wives there, who were sisters!"

Mike Zim is in the process of researching and writing his father's biography. If you would like to contact him, you may email him at mikewzim at gmail dot com.

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Ted Lewin
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Steve Strong
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Jim Bertz
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Vittorio Argentina Apollo
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Lord Leslie Carlton

George Gordienko

Ted Lewin

Steve Strong

Jim Bertz

Argentina Vittorio Apollo
If you are or were a wrestler, or have been in the wrestling business, and would like to have your artwork exhibited here, please contact us.
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Below are more paintings, prints and drawings
with wrestler and wrestling themes.

"The Wrestlers" 1905
George Benjamin Luks
American Ashcan School Painter
"The Wrestler Meissonier" 1848
Paul Baudry
French Academic Painter
"Wrestlers" 1875
Jean-Alexandre-Joseph Falguière
French Academic Sculptor & Painter
"The Wrestlers" 1853
Gustave Courbet
French Realist Painter (1819-1877)
American Artist
Ted Watts
American Sports Painter
Julian C. Wright
California Watercolor Artist
"Alexander Medved"
Bob Peak
American Illustrator and Painter
"Douglas vs. Gable"
Tadaaki Hatta
(1965 NCAA Division I Champion)
"Dave Schultz"
LeRoy Neiman
American Painter and Printmaker (1927-2012)
Stanley A. Lomas
Pennsylvania Artist
George Benjamin Luks
American Ashcan School Painter
"La Lutte" 1889
Emile Friant
French Realist Painter
"Les Lutteurs" 1909
Natalia Goncharova
Russian Cubist Painter (1881-1962)
"Breton Wrestling" 1890
Paul Sérusier
French Painter
Pablo Picasso
Spanish Cubist Painter & Sculptor (1881-1973)
Pablo Picasso
Spanish Cubist Painter & Sculptor (1881-1973)
Pablo Picasso
Spanish Cubist Painter & Sculptor (1881-1973)
"Wrestlers in Banana Split"
Peter Flinsch
German-Canadian Artist
Thomas Eakins
American Realist Painter (1844-1916)
"A Wrestling Match" c. 1648
Michiel Sweerts
Flemish Baroque Era Painter (c.1618-1664)
"Robin Hood"
N.C. (Newell Convers) Wyeth
American Golden Age Illustrator
"Wrestlers" 1933
C. Ruttiman
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"The Bulk"
Clarissa Upchurch
Norfolk, UK
"Wrestler 2"
Clarissa Upchurch
Norfolk, UK
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